In the second installment of our style category series, we will be talking about the Weekend Vibes style, so roll up your sleeves, leave your socks at home and grab a beer.

After a long week in the office, everyone is ready to kick back and have some fun! Whether you are hitting a local bar with friends, enjoying game day, or having Sunday brunch – it’s essential to pick the right outfit for whatever floats your boat. 

A recent article on Outfit Trends offers some great fashion tips for men for looking great and feeling comfortable on the weekends.

  • Comfort is key when it comes to conquering your weekend to-do list.
  • To take a casual outfit to the next level is to accessorize it.
  • Another great way men can step up is to get creative with colors.
  • Outfits should be selected depending on the season and occasion.
  • No need to break the bank-focus on quality and proper fit over quantity.

And if you are interested in getting fashion advice from the pros, we have outlined a few styling tips below, straight from our CEO Ben Wolff; based on several popular weekend activities.


The key piece for any Brunch should be your shoulder garment! A leather jacket or understated sports coat will let your friends know that you know Brunch. Keep in mind that the jacket or sports coat is just for walking in and making your entrance. What’s underneath will be what is seen for the rest of the meal so go with something fun and trendy. Dare to be different and show everyone that there’s some play underneath all that work! Most importantly have fun with your clothes and enjoy the Mimosas!

Late night cocktails

If you’re going to drinks after work with a buddy or a business colleague the dress doesn’t change that much. But, If you’re like me every event is a chance to network either for business or to make friends or even catch the eye of someone special, you always want to present in the best “fashion” possible. The easiest thing you could do is throw on a fresh shirt. That one thing will not only make you feel good about yourself, but you’ll look like you mean business. Plus when the jacket comes off you won’t look like you’ve been dragged around the office for the last 9 hours. It’s really the little thoughtful details that get people’s attention.

Game day

So you’re going to your bosses place to watch the game. Part of you wants to be comfortable and the other part wants to impress. How do you do both? Easy. Trim chinos and button-down with a cloth or braided belt and some drivers sans the socks and you’re good to go! Comfortable, confident and stylish your boss will definitely say hello on Monday. 
No matter the occasion, has you covered to look and feel your best every weekend. Simply visit our site, select Weekend Vibes, and tap on your favorite looks. We will do the rest!

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